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Crystals And Wood

Bloodstone Tumbles

Bloodstone Tumbles

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Experience the captivating allure of Bloodstone with our exquisite tumble stones. Each piece is a masterpiece of nature, adorned with rich green hues interspersed with crimson splashes, reminiscent of an ancient battlefield. Immerse yourself in its metaphysical realm as Bloodstone grounds and purifies your energy, dispelling negativity and promoting courage and resilience. Feel its protective embrace as it shields you from harm, both physically and spiritually, while enhancing vitality and strength. Let Bloodstone be your guardian as you navigate life's challenges, providing stability and support along the way. Embrace the transformative power of Bloodstone and adorn your space with its natural beauty, inviting balance and harmony into your life. Elevate your spiritual journey with Bloodstone tumble stones today.

Average size 1-1.5”

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