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Carnelian Tumbles

Carnelian Tumbles

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Discover the fiery beauty and transformative energy of Carnelian with our exquisite tumble stones. Each piece is a testament to nature's artistry, boasting vibrant hues of orange and red that ignite the soul. Immerse yourself in its metaphysical realm as Carnelian infuses you with courage and vitality, stimulating creativity and passion. Feel its warm embrace as it ignites the fire within, encouraging you to pursue your dreams with confidence and determination. Let Carnelian be your companion on the journey of self-discovery, guiding you towards inner strength and empowerment. Embrace the revitalizing and protective properties of Carnelian, and adorn your space with its natural elegance. Elevate your spiritual practice with Carnelian tumble stones today.

Average size is 1-1.5”


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