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Crystals And Wood

Epidote Tumbles

Epidote Tumbles

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Discover the captivating beauty and transformative energy of Epidote with our exquisite tumble stones. Each piece is a testament to nature's artistry, adorned with lush green hues and mesmerizing crystalline formations. Immerse yourself in its metaphysical realm as Epidote purifies your spirit and infuses you with vitality, promoting growth and abundance in all aspects of your life. Feel its rejuvenating energy as it dissolves stagnant patterns and negative emotions, clearing the path for new opportunities and experiences. Let Epidote be your ally on the journey of self-discovery, guiding you towards inner balance and empowerment. Embrace the harmonizing and healing properties of Epidote, and adorn your space with its natural elegance. Elevate your spiritual practice with Epidote tumble stones today.

Average size 1-1.5”

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