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Crystals And Wood

Obsidian Sphere

Obsidian Sphere

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Behold the mesmerizing allure of our Obsidian Sphere, a captivating embodiment of ancient wisdom and natural splendor. Handcrafted from the finest Obsidian, each sphere is a testament to the Earth's raw power and beauty. With its deep, lustrous black surface shimmering with hints of iridescence, this sphere exudes an aura of mystery and protection. Harnessing the metaphysical properties of Obsidian, it serves as a potent shield against negative energies, offering grounding and stability in times of uncertainty. Let its radiant energy cleanse and purify your surroundings, while fostering inner strength and resilience. Whether displayed as a centerpiece or held during meditation, our Obsidian Sphere is a timeless symbol of healing, transformation, and the inherent beauty of the natural world. Embrace its transformative energies and elevate your spiritual journey today.

Size 63mm

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